Connecticut Company Brings New Eco-Friendly Products to the US

VegwareUS to help diners “Bring It Home Green”

Danielson, CT  Novemeber 19, 2008 –  VegwareUS, a newly formed Danielson, Connecticut based company, has signed an exclusive deal to market Vegware© brand eco-friendly restaurant supply products throughout the North American continent and recently announced the initial distribution of eco-friendly products to North America.  Vegware’s line of plates and bowls, knives and forks, cups and to-go boxes are all created from natural products and are all fully biodegradable and/or compostable.

Originally sold in Europe by Scotland based Vegware, these high quality, environmentally sustainable products reflect the growing corporate shift towards both sounder manufacturing options as well as smarter end-of-life procedures.  At a time when America’s dependence on foreign energy has become a definite liability, VegwareUS owner Robert Bond proudly points out that not a single item in the company’s inventory contains any petroleum based substance.

“We’re hoping to set the example,” explains Bond,  “Vegware’s fiber based products present saner ecological and economic options that could have a significant impact in reducing the amount of waste generated from disposable tableware and cutlery products.”

North American consumers are ordering take-out meals in record numbers.  U.S. government statistics show American families spend $3,360 a year to avoid cooking at home.  Currently, an estimated 39 billion items of disposable cutlery make their way to American landfills yearly (source: The Food Packaging Institute, Washington, D.C.).   Unlike traditional cutlery, Vegware products are designed to breakdown naturally, eliminating unnecessary waste.

In addition to helping to manage waste, the manufacturing process for creating Vegware products also represents a breakthrough in both simplicity and eco-efficiency.  Renewable raw materials, such as corn, potato and cassava provide the fiber and starch which comprise the building blocks of these items.  Bagasse, one of the most popular Vegware offerings, is a byproduct of sugar cane which is made from the dry fibrous residue left after the stalks have been crushed to extract juice.  Bagasse plates and bowls are created by a high-heat, high-pressure process that requires the use of considerably less energy than that used when pulping wood for similar paper products.  These pieces are remarkably durable and especially well suited for holding hot, wet or oily foods.  An added benefit to Vegware’s ease in manufacturing will be the flexibility it offers in both servicing specific client needs and in keeping up with changing market trends.

About VegwareUS
VegwareUS is a Connecticut-based company offering an environmentally sustainable range of cutlery and tableware products.   The company exists to provide economic, eco-friendly, and high quality options to the food service industry while simultaneously providing the highest possible levels of customer service.  VegwareUS’s longer term goal is to play a part in enabling a paradigm shift in how waste is managed.   To learn more, please visit

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