Rhubarb Farm July Update

Rhubarb Farm have been awarded the professional help of a surveyor, planning consultant and solicitor to work on our lease and planning application and we are now poised to submit our planning application for fencing, structures and polytunnel for our site. On 18 June the Derbyshire County PCT organised a seminar to promote our work to commissioners of services and senior decision-makers in the Bolsover area (where our site is) and 60 people attended, including 4 volunteers and a Rotary Club funder from our previous project. They wowed the audience with positive reports of the importance for them of being on a therapeutic horticulture project. We are also now being asked for jobs, volunteering opportunities and placements for people with learning disabilities by local people living around the site, who have embraced RHUBARB FARM even though we’re not operational yet.

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