Back page of today’s Scottish Herald: ‘Vegware heats up cutlery market!’

Read all about it! The Herald reports on one of our three new products, our high-heat resistant cutlery. And of course, the exciting news that these three products complete our range, making us the UK’s only company whose entire range is suitable for commercial composting. See the picture of Joe in that suit (and read the article) here.

A minor correction: at the end the article states, “He said he expects Vegware’s business to get a major boost after April 1, next year, when landfill tax, which has been increasing by £8 each year, will rise again to £48 per tonne, bringing it in line with commercial composting – making the disposal of Vegware products economical and eco-friendly.

In fact, landfill tax is £48 this tax year (2010-2011) and come April 2011, it will rise to £56 per tonne, making it more expensive than commercial composting. Landfill tax will rise ever year until at least 2014, when it will become £80 per tonne. Get composting, that’s what I say!

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