Rhubarb Farm – October Update

September has been dramatic for us. On 4th Sept we got planning permission for our site, so we can now erect compost toilets, polytunnels, shelters and containers for office & storage (as we get the money for them!).


On 5th Sept we were awarded £7,166 for tools, containers, and insurance costs by Derbyshire County Council. On 6th Sept we were awarded £48,405 by the Bolsover Local Strategic Partnership, so we can now employ staff. On 8th Sept we signed the first of our leases on the land and paid the princely sum of £1 for the first year’s rent!


On Sat 16th October we shall have our first event to celebrate these milestones. Called Soup On Site, we shall provide soup, a display, and a vegetable entertainer called Madame Zuccini who dresses as a courgette and makes vegetable animals with children. We shall use the grant we have been getting from Vegware to fund this event as it will encourage volunteers and the local community.

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