Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens – October Update

The season of mellow fruitfulness is upon us, a time to enjoy the bounties of our labour, and plan for seasons to come. With the first frosts this week another gardening year has begun, and after a very successful spring and summer, much thought and work is going into ensuring that the gardens remain productive, manageable, and beautiful.


The success of the project owes much to many hours of volunteering, 5,000 plus this year to date! Many groups have been represented, and during September these included children and families from 3 local schools. The kids took part in activities such as sowing Broad Beans, juicing Apples from the old orchard, and generally getting stuck into some gardening. More visits are planned.


A wise man once told me; ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather son, only bad clothes!’ He may have been right, but nonetheless we are fortunate to have the use of a 20 x 6 metre glasshouse in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital grounds over the coming months. It will allow us a foul weather option for our workdays, and a fabulous propagation space for a nice early start to the growing season.

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