Cilgwyn Community Group – April Update

The community is busy with veg growing now, but in March some of us staged a full-on Green Fair in the neighbouring village of St. Dogmaels. Reflecting the wild diversity of a homespun future amongst the stalls there were discussion groups and a singing workshop. In the evening the local belly-dance class entertained the Moroccan style diners.

This was precursor to rock bands with political lyrics doing a benefit for political prisoner Bradley Manning (who comes from our neck of the woods). He is charged with providing all the sensitive information to Wikileaks. We helped end his torture and get him into a gentler prison situation in just over a month of a campaign which went global.

Back on the farm we added a house cow this spring, so we have an over abundance of cream, yoghurt and milk. This week we have a meeting, with a presentation by our hydro engineer who has just completed a study of some excitingly feasible potential hydro installations in the area. Thank you vegware, I am sure you understand the unpredictable diversity of activities you are supporting which add up to an enriching sustainable future!

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