Cilgwyn Community Group – July Update

Cilgwyn CG Market PhotoCilgwyn Community decided to spend £110 of Vegware money on supporting a stall to sell Cilgwyn produce at a new street market in our market town. The sum paid for the required insurance, and contributes a little to the rent. It means that a gaggle of makers: a wood turner, some veg growers, 2 writers, 1 seamstress, 2 painters, 1 photographer and a green-wood furniture maker can share a stall. We are the only stall doing anything like this, and the most local makers at the market, so thank-you Vegware!
How has it gone? Great so far, everyone sold something at the last market, most about £20 worth. No, not a fortune, but a lovely time had by all. There were 14 stalls selling local food, many sold out, again! It felt like rediscovering a long lost happiness. Cafes spilled out into the road (which was closed to traffic), people just moved like in a dream, not wanting to leave, Market street reclaimed, real food being sold with fun and humanity from real people. Meet thy maker, in heaven on earth.

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