Guba – December Update

Many here in Swaziland believe that 2012 will be the human races last year on Earth, so before we get cracking on making this our best year yet, we’re taking some time out to revisit all our achievements from 2011, learn from them & take the best forward to 2012! To help remind us, we’ve put together a photographic tour of memories & key moments. Much of what we do at Guba with our local communities stems from Permaculture & focuses on the sustainable design of human habitats. Permaculture is inter-disciplinary & it is this approach that we mirror here at Guba through our three training programme areas in sustainable agriculture, natural resource management & natural building techniques.


As a small NGO based in southern Africa, our funding takes many forms. Because our focus remains on the provision of quality training for community members in our three programme areas AND in-house training for our small staff team of seven, we are keen to keep admin to a minimum & rely on a diverse range of funding sources to support our work. We are therefore delighted that an ongoing relationship has been established between Vegware & Guba – great to receive support from another organisation interested in the sustainable development of good ideas from all the way across the ocean.


Happy 2012 to Vegware & your supporters – may it be the best yet!

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