Rhubarb Farm – January Update

Rhubarb Farm PicWe’re finally able to use our office container as an office. The internal cladding has been completed and though it’s not decorated yet it is functional. Poor Emma, our Admin Officer, still has to sit with her fingerless mittens to type, but when the electrics are done very soon, it will be time for celebration.


We are also celebrating getting an award from the Home Office’s Community Action Against Crime Innovation Fund, which will enable us to employ 2 ex-offenders on our Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA) and get a lovely big shed as mess room and storage. And we will be employing ten 16-18 year old apprentices from March, so we hope to have the CSA up and producing crops by July 2012. Another small award gave us money to do publicity postcards targeting people dealing with drug and alcohol problems.


We got about 20 new volunteers this month, and interest in our work is increasing. We have a Facebook site now too!

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