Only April FOOLS pay LANDFILL tax…

Vegware_compost_1101_floweryheart_800xOn Sunday 1st April 2012, landfill tax rises yet again to £64 per tonne. You may not be aware, but this affects every single business and local authority all over the UK. Landfill is already the most expensive destination for UK waste, but we still send 55% of our waste to clog up the few remaining big holes in the ground. Smart businesses are reducing costs and going green by maximising recycling.

The average office or caterer could recycle pretty much everything, but the key first step is introducing food waste recycling. It is common sense – if all the messy food residue is in its own separate bin, the rest of the average bin is much cleaner and far easier to recycle. Sending zero waste to landfill is now the eco-friendly way to start reducing waste management costs.

Food waste can either be collected and taken for organics recycling, or various systems can help you recycle food waste onsite. Vegware has a new zero-waste initiative, the Food Waste Network, a free service to help any UK business find its ideal food waste recycling services. Simply email your postcode and contact phone number to or ring 03300 883 654.

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