Greener leith – May Update

Greener Leith May Update PhotoOver the past 16 months Greener Leith volunteers have been working hard to get a community owned wind turbine built at Seafield. Unfortunately we recently hit a stumbling block in the negotiations and we have had to reconsider our position. However, we’re now pleased to announce that with the help of the Scottish Government a way through has been found that could lead to a community wind turbine on a different site as the Scottish Government and Scottish Water have agreed to help PEDAL and Greener Leith to find a site for another scheme elsewhere. Together with Community Energy Scotland we will explore the possibility of a partnership arrangement with a rural group to help us achieve their renewables ambition. This might take a while, but we will keep you posted.


On a different note, the cycle route to Portobello is taking shape. The attached photo taken on a very cold day last month shows the path through the Children’s Orchard. We’ve had to move some trees.


And this short stretch of tarmac opened last month. Even though it must be little more than 10m long it makes a huge difference. It links Seafield Street and a new, widened shared use pavement alongside Seafield Road with the newly sufaced paths that link up Lochend Park, Easter Road Stadium and Leith Academy. This little bit of path means that path users don’t have to struggle up and down a narrow, steep and muddy path up to the railway line. Suddenly, it’s now possible to cycle or walk all the way from Leith to Portobello on paths seperated from traffic – that most people would be comfortable letting even young children use.

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