Vegware signs up to WRAP waste agreement

WRAP logoVegware has joined forces with some major names in catering and has signed up to WRAP’s Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement, launched today. It aims to unite the sector in achieving targets to prevent waste and reduce waste to landfill. Vegware helps foodservice operators meet the landfill diversion target, as our certified compostable foodservice packaging can be recycled with food waste after use. We have pledged to support WRAP with our Food Waste Network, a new service to help any UK business find its ideal food waste recycling services.

The voluntary agreement has two main targets by 2015 – to reduce the amount of catering waste created by 5%, and to send over 70% of catering waste to food waste recycling, not landfill. We are particularly good at helping caterers meet the second target, since all of our packaging is certified compostable and we can matchmake your bin with its local food waste recycling. We are delighted to be a part of it.

Vegware’s Communications Manager Lucy Frankel, said: “Vegware is delighted to be a founder signatory of WRAP’s Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, as our certified compostable foodservice packaging helps caterers divert food and packaging waste from landfill. We pledge to support WRAP’s zero waste initiatives by creating the Food Waste Network, matchmaking any UK business with its ideal food waste recycling services. Our efforts to help caterers reduce waste to landfill were recently recognised with a WRAP-sponsored BCE Award for Environmental Leadership, and we are determined to continue driving best practice throughout the sector.”

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