Community Fund – Rhubarb Farm – July Update

Rhubarb Farm - 26th July 2012 - Historic Day producing our first veg boxes (6)July has seen us win funding from the Lankelly Chase Foundation for our Farm Manager Jason’s salary for 2 years, the start of our veg box production, and lots of new volunteers coming to the Farm. We have a core starter group of 6 Crop Share members who each get a lovely bag of fresh, organically grown veg every week, and come to the Farm to collect it. We have even been given a chiller unit through our partnership with Food Aware, of Rotherham, who have a Local Food (Big Lottery) award and for whom we are delivering veg boxes for families in food poverty and training courses. We have also won a contract from Derbyshire County Council to employ a Drug and Alcohol Worker, so can support more people who are recovering misusers.

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