Community Fund – WREN – August Update

The WREN(Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network) energy shop hosted a flying visit from Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy.   Stephen Frankel, Chair of WREN, delivered a persuasive presentation to make the case for harnessing local energy generation for the benefit of the local community. Why, Stephen argued, when Cornwall has such an abundance of sun, wind and tidal energy, would we not want to create environmental and economic benefits from it for local use ?


WREN’s programme for offering free insulation is now gaining momentum as the word spreads about its benefits. The insulation initiative has been the springboard for launching the Wadebridge local currency which is called the Wr.   The Wr. is an energy backed currency in that it is funded from carbon saving initiatives. Every householder who has the insulation also receives 25Wr which have a  a value of £25.  These can be spent in a number of local shops who participate in the scheme which is strongly backed by the local Chamber of Commerce .


WREN’s membership continues to grow.  At the last count we had 697 paid up members.

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