Sugar and 3pm cut-offs, and all things nice

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In this newsletter: new 3pm cut-off, Christmas cups, Christmas opening hours, sugar sticks, and ’tis the season for…compostable wine glasses!

1. New 3pm cut-off

Yes, we’re making your lives even easier. It used to be 1pm, but now any order placed by 3pm will be delivered next working day by courier. Please allow 1 extra day for larger pallet orders.


2. Christmas Cups – what’s red and green and green all over?

Our elves have been busy. Now our fabulously festive, beautifully botanical red Christmas cups are ready! Any pre-ordered cups should be delivered today, by glittering airborne sleigh. If you didn’t pre-order, you may still be in luck – we have a few extra cases in the Vegware grotto, so get in touch. Preferably by phone (0845 643 0406) or email ( – writing a note and burning it in the fireplace is less effective.


3. Christmas Opening Hours

The Vegware office closes on Friday 21st December, re-opening on Wednesday 2nd January. For delivery before Christmas, please order by 3pm on Wednesday 19th December. Or forever hold your peas. If you need a delivery between Christmas and New Year, please contact us and we will happily arrange a delivery on Friday 28th December.


4. Sugar sticks – another Vegware first 🙂 

Vegware has now launched the first compostable sugar stick! Our brown or white Fairtrade sugar is wrapped in the first compostable wrap. You see, most sugar sticks use paper with an oil-based PE plastic lining. The plastic lining is there so that the package can be heat sealed, keeping the sugar contained. Vegware’s sugar sticks replace the PE lining with a plant-based coating which can be heat sealed. That means that after use, Vegware’s sugar sticks can be recycled either with dry paper, or composted with food waste. Sweet! Get in touch if you’d like a sample.


5. Wine glass season!

It’s mid November. Christmas lights are up. Tis very nearly the season for parties, shindigs, merriment and imbibing. So how about you sup your grog and quaff your tipples from the first compostable wine glass? Just a suggestion…again, get in touch for samples. Read the low-down on our cups in the Caterer.


That’s all!

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All the best,

Lucy and the Vegware team

Lucy Frankel
Communications Manager
Vegware Ltd
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Vegware is the UK’s first and only completely compostable food packaging firm.

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