Community Fund – Greener Leith – December Update

Those of you who live in and around Leith will know only too well that the tram is now no longer coming down Leith Walk, but turning back to the airport at St Andrew’s square, leaving this much-loved street in disarray since 2007.

Since that time Greener Leith has been heavily involved in the debate over the future design of Leith Walk and recently brought together eleven community organisations – all three Leith community councils, another three Leith-based community organisations, The Cockburn Association and four active travel organisations – to come up with a joint response to the council’s  Leith Improvement Progamme, asking the council to do more to boost the economic vitality of the area – by improving the public realm, and tackling the road safety and air pollution problems that affect the area.



Thanks to this unprecedented joining of forces there is now a single and unambiguous document that clearly sets out local priorities and aspirations for Leith Walk in detail which can act as a blueprint for any development in the future.



The manner in which it has come together is even more unusual.  While still in draft form, it was available to anyone to comment on on-line, a unique process designed and coordinated by Greener Leith which enabled over 300 unique visitors to make their views known.



The full document runs to 42 pages and aims to highlight improvements that the council could make to its current design proposals for Leith Walk and Constitution Street.  It is available online here:

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