Community Fund – Broomhouse Health Strategy Group – March Update

We’ve had some great news from funders The Robertson Trust who are supporting us which means we have Caroline, as our Volunteer Support Worker for the next year.  We are really delighted as the post is invaluable in helping us to provide rewarding volunteering opportunities and supporting not just the running of the co-op shop, but all our other services too.


We had a great promotion fortnight at the end of March, with all our Healthy Bags and Recipe Bags at half price.  We extended our range of recipes to include; Vegetarian Chilli, Vegetarian Pealla, Savoury Pancakes, Roast Vegetable Couscous and Tomato Pasta.  It meant that a entire meal for up to 4 people, including the bag of rice, pasta or couscous was just £1 or £1.50!  During the fortnight we sold an amazing 263 Soup, Smoothie or Fruit Bags and a further 50 Recipe Bags.

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