Community Fund – Rhubarb Farm – April Update

April at Rhubarb Farm has been catch-up time. As the weather improved we have been madly doing ground preparation, sowing, transplanting and getting veg into the ground. We have had an increasing number of volunteers and now have about 30 regulars per week. Everyone who comes, no matter what their needs are, is contributing economically to the social enterprise, and this is a valuable aspect of our work – people excluded or long-term out of the job market are able to play a part in the local economy, and get support themselves. Also, excitingly, water and electricity is being laid so that the Snail Farm, which will operate on Rhubarb Farm producing snails for the high end restaurant market, should be operational in June. It will employ at least one local person, who will already be a volunteer at Rhubarb Farm, so again, we are helping people find jobs.

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