Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – May Update

The Howden Clough Farm shop continues to open two days a week Tuesday & Thursday lunch and has progressed into the seasonal bedding plants in a blaze of colour.


The in house interest and sales have recently been disrupted with the holiday and examination preparation taking up our potential customer time somewhat! A discussion review of the farm shop activity recently indicated the overall support for the activity but to tailor it to more of a home delivery service. Stock samples will be provided and distributed by our ever eager year seven “Helping Hands”.


Our flock of chicken have been enhanced with the arrival of four “White Leghorn” chicks. They certainly stand out in the crowd as our flock is predominantly brown in colour. Our surviving incubated hen chicks are thriving along with the two ducklings and next week they should be joined by the next batch of new duck chicks. The web cam will relay all the action around the school allowing for students to share in the wonders of the hatching process.

The problem that we had last month with the carrion crow attacking the birds has been resolved by the humane removal of the offending predators. Our ducks and hens certainly seam at ease as they are able to enjoy their free range, sun bathing, without having to be on the lookout for those chaps dressed in black! “Sun Bathing” – and that’s a first in near eleven months.


The community allotment area now refurbished has seen an increase in activity with fresh greens sprouting up here and there.


Our first early potatoes are looking lush and green topped so as long as the weather behaves we should have a great harvest to come.


Mangetout peas, broad beans and courgettes grown undercover in our poly tunnel are getting close to producing the fruits of our labours. The tomatoes are in flower, again undercover, with feeding commencing to support the hunger of the plants.


Lettuce is being harvested on a weekly basis for use within our canteen and with a variety of herbs now available to our food technology department – well my taste buds are certainly tingling


The building of the “Bug Bed & Breakfast” has been completed. The photograph supplied last month showed the basic design and plans are now underway to unveil the B&B to a wider audience.

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