Vegware and The Food Waste Network launch ‘Show us you’re green!’ for Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week

As part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week (17-23rd June), Vegware and its sister initiative The Food Waste Network have teamed up to launch ‘Show us you’re green!’ – a campaign to raise awareness about recycling.  The week is packed with social media activities to encourage people to recycle more and take care of their environment.

Vegware staff is also taking part by showing their recycling efforts at home and at work. There’ll be bin amnesties, where staff will turn in their under-desk bins in exchange for a mini cup bin – designed to encourage staff to recycle more efficiently. As part of Greener Together’s ‘Active Travel’ campaign, staff will be walking/cycling to work instead of using public/private transport. On Friday, all staff at Vegware will wear green to show their support for recycle week.

Eilidh Brunton, Recycling Consultant of Vegware and The Food Waste Network said: “Being an eco-packaging company, Vegware has a deep rooted interest in sustainability and issues affecting the environment – in particular recycling and waste reduction. When we heard about Zero Waste Scotland’s Recycle Week getting involved and running our own programme of activities was a no brainer. ZWS are an invaluable organisation offering support and advice to businesses and individuals on all matters involving waste. Our Recycle Week activities aim to involve and motivate both our staff and customers along with our wider social media following by educating on recycling issues whilst making recycling fun.”

Eilidh will give her daily recycling tip of the day on Facebook and Twitter, and on Thursday; there’ll be an opportunity for people to ask Eilidh questions about recycling on Food Waste Network’s Facebook page at 3pm.

Each day represents a different recycling material. There’ll be Metal Monday, Textiles Tuesday, Plastic Wednesday, Packaging Thursday and Food Waste Friday. Get involved with Show us you’re green by following @Vegware and @foodwasteuk on Twitter, and via and Facebook/foodwasteuk.

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