Vote for Eilidh as Young Recycler of the Year!

Eilidh Brunton, Vegware's Young Recycler of the Year

Please take 20 seconds to vote for Eilidh as Young Recycler of the Year by Thursday 19th. Here’s why…

“Eilidh is a relentless font of information. Through her help I was able to create a proposal to bring our bars waste down to only 5 percent. Eilidh is continuously dropping me ideas for ways to reduce this even further and actively seeks out people to use our waste products, such as a local candle maker who is looking to take our waste wax. Without Eilidh wed still be chucking everything away.” Joseph Dick, Edinburgh microbrewery, The Hanging Bat.

She is a self-confessed bin geek who will cheerfully analyse bin contents, monitor peoples behaviour around bin choice at events (even on weekends), design and evaluate effective signage and communications tools, and take staff through bin tests, seeing if they can get the correct bin for a range of materials.

Our Eilidh is not only passionate about recycling, she is actively driving the UK towards zero waste. As Recycling Consultant at Vegware, she advises customers on how to divert our compostable foodservice packaging from landfill with her postcode knowledge of UK food waste recycling services. Food waste is a relatively new area of recycling, which many businesses struggle to access and understand. Eilidh is the key technical liaison with the waste sector for, mapping all UK food waste recycling and matchmaking any UK business with local services. Eilidh advises on much more than organics recycling – her holistic approach evaluates all options to bring a site towards zero waste.

She’s got our vote – now add yours!


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