Community Fund – Greener Leith – July Update

The Orchard is now in its third summer and despite a cold spring, some hard pruning and the disruption caused by the construction of the cycle ramp right  through the middle of the orchard, there will be a quite a variety of fruit available for anyone to pick.  One of the first varieties to ripen is  the deliciously juicy and rosy-cheeked  Discovery (see image).  This variety doesn’t keep, but there are a whole host of other varieties planted here that do.  They will ripen between October and December.  The hedge that surrounds the orchard is also worth a forage.  Earlier in the year there was a reasonable crop of gooseberries and blackberries and blackberries are now starting to ripen too. 



The Children’s Orchard is fenced off, but this is mainly to keep dogs out. It is open to the public at all times and everyone is welcome to pick the fruit that grows there, but please wait until it is ripe!


Finally, along with Leith Links Allotments, the Children’s Orchard will feature in this years’ Edinburgh Doors Open Day weekend of the 29th September.  Apart from showcasing the different varieties we hope to do some bulb planting, so please come along.

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