Community Fund – Year In Senegal

A lovely update from Marianne who received a one off payment from Vegware’s community fund to help fund her year in Senegal.


Just a quick update from Senegal! So arrived here about a week ago and Senegal has opened up to me with arms wide! It’s incredible, not one thing I could have predicted, the heat, the people, the food, everything is different, but it is amazing all the same. I have never felt so important or welcome before in my life! We started teaching in a summer school on monday and teach from 9 to 12 english lessons to mixed ages, so it is definitely a challenge, but we are getting better. In the afternoons we are learning Wolof and exploring and meeting people and eating the great Senegalese food. I want to thank you once again for your contribution to my trip, it really is something special.


Here is the link to Marianne’s blog

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