Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – October Update

The care and welfare of the farms animals, bird flocks, the collection and sale of eggs along with the feed stock control was discussed as a great asset to the school and students during our recent Ofsted inspection where the whole school was found to be Grade1- Outstanding.

Our local tenants and residents association have shown a little more interest in getting involved with the farm and horticultural activities with several new faces visiting both the allotments and farm.


The 30 point of lay hybrid hens from our local farm egg producers Bennett Eggs have now started to produce eggs on a daily basis allowing students to get involved with the sale of produce.


The ducks at last look in tip top condition and are beginning to show interest in each other again so our incubation activities may well be getting back on track again very soon. They are laying only a couple of eggs a day and the stock have been reduced a little to balance out feed costs as we have sold on several older birds while retaining our own incubated birds.

Quail eggs that we placed in the incubator mid October should have hatched over the weekend but unfortunately the students were a little disappointed today on their return from the half term break, as the eggs were still intact.

The lunchtime Gardening Club linked with the Farm activities have gained momentum with a daily schedule needed to allow opportunity to the students on a rotational basis. Bulb planting of “Paper White” daffodils and both pink and white Hyacinths is underway in preparation for our East meets West school activity in December.


Students are regularly taking Geranium, Fuchsia and Mint cuttings to overwinter within our greenhouse.


The autumnal leave fall will be collected to compost while we prepare to receive and plant the 30 copse saplings during this week ordered through the “Woodland Trust”. 

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