Community Fund – Greener Leith – December Update

Leith Walk double parkingGreener Leith keeps plugging away to make sure that Leith Walk gets better pavements and cycle paths.


For those people wondering why Leith Walk still looks as if the tram works have only recently been abandoned, the reason is that current plans for this much-loved and much-used  thoroughfare have still not been finalised.  It is easy to see how with so many, often conflicting priorities, this process has been far fromeasy.



While there were those who prefer better facilities for car users, Greener Leith took side with pedestrians and cyclists, got together with 11 other local organisations, and started a campaign for uncluttered pavements, dedicated cycle paths and a better public realm.   One year later, there is now an increased budget of £9.1m to renovate Leith Walk.



The scheme will see improvements to the pedestrian environment, more pedestrian crossings, wider pavements, better lighting and improved trade waste arrangements. Cyclists too will get safer routes and hopefully this will help to make businesses thrive once again.  No doubt there will be more frustration with the coming road closures as construction takes place, but it is in everyone’s interest that this project is completed as soon as possible.

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