Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – December Update

UntitledThe Gardening Club have made good use of the greenhouse over the winter to nurture cuttings from our stock plants that are ready to pot or be sold to make room for the spring seedlings. Fuchsia, Geraniums, Tete a Tete, Hyacinth and the Mint herb are filling the greenhouse.


With the heavy and persistent rain we are finding it difficult to get onto the allotment land and with the poly tunnel flooded things are looking a little bleak at the moment but our Helping Hand students are enough to lift the spirits of any old soak!


Our community involvement has seen the


introduction of two “Caspian” ponies that are being stabled at the farm. The local owners are wanting the ponies to be a part of the students programme of learning at the farm. Student duties are limited at the moment while the ponies settle into their new ho


An area of land is being prepared for the addition of other livestock by a member of the TRA while other members are visiting the farm more regularly so the community farm is slowly coming to life in this new year.

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