World’s first compostable 6oz cup and lid combo!

Vegware creates the world's first compostable 6oz lid and cup combo
Vegware creates the world’s first compostable 6oz lid and cup combo

Yes, Vegware has created a world first! The first ever completely compostable 6oz lid, with a perfectly proportioned 6oz cup to match.


Coffees are getting smaller and more intense. Flat whites and long blacks are gracing the globe’s coolest artisan coffee houses, inspired by trendsetting Antipodean baristas and rich continental coffees.


But who’s got an eco-friendly lid for it? Nobody. Except now we do. It’s the same high heat cornstarch as our other (innovative) lids, which means 34% less carbon than the conventional polypropylene lids.


And of course, we have a sleek and beautiful 6oz white compostable cup to go with it.


Flat white anyone?

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