Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – February Update

UntitledThe land is still saturated on the farm and the poly tunnel still remains underwater! However the weather is improving and we are able to work the land in selective areas involving our local tenants and resident’s. Seed beds are being prepared while a variety of vegetable seeds are just sprouting in the greenhouse.


The Herb Garden is currently being revamped to be replanted with a variety of Mint, Chives, Corriander and Parsley, while the older Sage and Fennel beds have been cleared.


To ease maintenance the old grass paths are to be replaced with recycled bark chippings and the border frames replaced with new.


The overwintered geraniums and chrysanthemums are visibly sending out new shoots and cuttings are being taken regularly that will be sold within our Farm Shop along with our fresh farm eggs. A variety of Poppy plant are being prepared for our Maths learning garden area.




Our Rhubarb patch is sprouting those wonderful fresh new shoots and several crowns are being forced. The Piroska Red and Sturton onion sets have sprouted ready to be planted into the allotment during March along with the Marfona and Charlotte are now chitting.



During February we were able to set 15 hen eggs in the incubator to enhance the bird stock at the farm. Due to noise pollution our older Cockerel had to be removed from the farm and in return we were able to receive some fertile eggs from his new lady friends!  We hope to capture the hatching on the live feed of the school webcam in about ten days time.



UntitledjThe stabled Ponies at the farm have created an opportunity for students to help groom and care for their wellbeing building on friendship, trust and teamwork.

Emma seated provides instruction and training to student Charlotte White in how to check the general health of our rabbitt “Smokey”


The longer daylight hours are quite uplifting at this busy time of year – let’s hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us!

Malcolm Firth

BGHS Farm Manager

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