Community Fund – Greener Leith – March Update

Leith Links Childrens Orchard11

Spring has sprung and the daffodils are out in Edinburgh. There are grand plans afoot to host school learning events at the community orchard on Leith Links and Greener Leith has sourced a wigwam-like tent from Leith Primary school which is quick and easy to put up and useful in case of inclement weather. There are plans also to install some benches for the wee ones to sit on whilst learning all about fruit trees and biodiversity.


In another Leith green space Friends of Pilrig park received £2554.67 which was given to Greener Leith from the Pilrig Residents Association for capital improvements in Pilrig Park, including new benches and more bins.Greener Leith continues to engage with Edinburgh Council in the Leith Walk stakeholders group, hoping for a cleaner and greener road design in the near future.

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