Community Fund – Fundacion Fauna de la Amazonia – March Update

green and brown poison dart frog view 1The latest from Colonia 24 de mayo, Canton Mera, Pastaza where the sun shines brightly and the rain rains heavily, and where ‘winter’ (the rainy season) is when everything grows even faster.



Some of the beautiful Paradise Tanagers have been seen close to the sleeping/eating area, though too briefly to photograph! Just the same, it is amazing to see them there even for this short period! Other flying visitors include a daily fly-past of flocks of parrots, and regularly the white hawks are seen being chased by tiny, protective parents! The Saddleback Tamarin Monkeys have again been seen close by and the Common Aquatic Caecilian spotted in ‘Prawn World’. Some of the lizards living near the sleeping accommodation are becoming even more used to human presence and are walking around people’s feet! And also it would appear that whenever no-one is actually sleeping in the bodega, bats are making use of the building!


Work recommenced on the quarantine/clinic on the 10th March. The scaffolding was removed without hitch and the roof stayed up as it should. Further supplies of rebar, blocks and framework materials were taken up to the building and the walls are now up, the built-in deep sinks are in seed headplace and the animal holding-enclosures being constructed. However, work will have to end this week (by 6th April) as we no longer have the money to pay the workers to complete the wall protection work, or buy the windows, doors, tiles and all the other materials we need to finish this fifth, current phase of construction of the new Conservation Centre. Our thanks are due to maestro Miguel and don Abelino for their commitment and hard work in helping to achieve as far as has been attained, in what could be described as relatively adverse conditions!


The three large and extremely heavy large animal trap cages have been taken to the land and are now placed so that work on repair and maintenance can take place when time and other resources allow. Thanks to Glen and to Laurence for letting them be located accessibly on their land.


Other work on the land continues, including keeping cleared areas maintained as free of the African grass as possible, replanting around the dam area, maintaining the banks of the small stream (wherein there is ‘prawn world’) with local stones to prevent further erosion, clearing land for the planting of fruits and such – including pineapples, avocadoes, and bananas and more in the future, as well as continuing to plant more trees that will provide food and shelter for native animals in the future.  Keeping the paths clear is another continuous task.


the walls are up!Many thanks are due to all those who have been raising funds to support our efforts here and to those who have offered to raise funds for us in the future. And thanks again to Vegware for their continuing support ( and to Lush Charity Pot ( ) for their contribution to the new building.

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