Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – March Update

UntitledThe land is still very wet on the farm and allotment areas with the poly tunnel still remaining underwater! But a drier area has been found to allow carrots, radish and turnip to be sown.

The working relationship is ever improving with our TRA members and is paying dividends in many ways. One of the working team is now a staff member of the school having been encouraged to apply for a recent vacancy.

The “Herb Garden” revamp is near complete with new border frames, woodchip paths and planted up with various herbs and vegetables.



The farm eggs are currently at a premium at the moment for one of natures many reasons. The birds are well fed and cared for but seam to be in a seasonal moult and are not laying to their best. The incubating eggs that were due to hatch in early March must have been disturbed as we drew a blank. So another small quantity were set that should provide chicks this next week.


A couple of plots within the Maths learning garden have been planted out with the Poppy plants in preparation for establishing them as a remembrance garden. A couple more beds have been planted with new Chrysanthemums taken from the overwintered stools.


Rhubarb from the allotments area has been picked and used within our food technology department. The Piroska Red and Sturton onions have been planted into the allotment during March along with the Marfona, Charlotte potatoes and Runner Beans


Our Science department are currently carrying out controlled experiments growing Radish while recording the effect that light, temperature and humidity has on growth rates.

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