Community Fund – Rhubarb Farm – April Update

P4160043_thumbApril is a very busy month horticulturally with ground being prepared, crops being sown, transplanted and planted out.  We also now have 80 chickens and are selling eggs round the village.


DJ, one of our volunteers, delivers orders by bicycle.  We hope that with the increase in sales, and more birds before long we can provide a small job for an ex-offender.  Another success is Tom Howdle, 15, who came to Rhubarb Farm on placement from school where his attendance and behaviour had been problematic.


After being once a week at Rhubarb Farm for 6 months, Tom has now got onto a bricklaying course, and as a result of his good reference from Rhubarb Farm, has also got an apprenticeship.  This is the essenceof our work – giving people a sense of purpose, work experience and discipline and a motivation to improve their lives.  Well done Tom!


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