Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – May Update

UntitledA testing time in more ways than one! The perfect growing conditions see many of our plants and seedlings romping away, the grass and weeds growing faster than they can be cultivated while our students embark on the busy exam period that detracts a little from their free time to attend the Gardening and Farm clubs – Good Luck.


The TRA members have near completed the small holder fencing at the farm that will provide an area for an additional poultry flock under their shared involvement with the school. The “Herb Garden” revamp is complete with the new border frames, woodchip paths and planted up with various herbs and vegetables trailing Tomato plants in baskets are ready to hang.

The birds are now laying to their best. One of our regular customers advised that one of her purchased eggs didn’t have a yolk! I replied “It will be all White as the next lot may be double jokers” Ok I promise not to give up my day job.


We have three batches of incubating eggs on the go and this weekend saw the first chicks hatch from the cockerel that had to be moved off site due to him being a little noisy. The gambled early planting of Runner Beans failed due to a couple of cold snaps but the next batch is now due for planting as the chances of a frost have all but passed.


Salad crop tomatoes varieties including Red Cherry, Garden Pearl, Tumbling Red and Yellow and Garden Delight have all taken well and students will be potting them on this week.


Our Farm Shop held its first plant sale of the season with good returns. Some of the produce both from the farm and allotments are to be taken to a local care home when students visit as part of their studies.


Last year the school were winners of the Arthur Halliwell memorial trophy for Sustainability and preparations are now underway to host  a twilight visit from other schools in North Kirklees to kick-start this years event and entries. Again our yr7 students are eager to help and show off their farm and allotments.


The original Poppy plants in the remembrance garden are in flower and students have taken the opportunity to photograph them to be used in a display later this year.

Malcolm Firth

BGHS Farm Manager

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