Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – June Update

UntitledThe perfect growing conditions see many of our plants and seedlings romping away including all those unwanted weeds. Salad crops are being harvested on a daily basis and offered to both our Food Technology department and our school canteen – well those that the slugs and snails don’t get first!


The last of our giant spring cabbage pictured above has been well fed from our chicken manure and is currently standing about a metre tall. Raised beds have been placed inside our poly tunnel and the courgette and tomato plants are romping away. Looks like a bumper crop is on it’s way.


Small holder activity via the TRA on the farm is working well and their point of lay hens are this week starting to lay – well done all round!



The incubated eggs produced 10 surviving ducklings that are a hit with visitors to the farm.  One of our good neighbours recently offered the school a “Gold Crested Chinese Pheasant” as he was having trouble from his own hens that were constantly fighting with it. We gladly accepted this fine specimen that brings a bit more colour to the farm.

So this busy time continues – Grass cutting, Weeding, Hedge cutting, Weeding, Harvesting, Weeding.



Did I mention WEEDING!


Malcolm Firth

BGHS Farm Manager

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