Newsletter: New products, a school saves £9k, and meet Vegware Hong Kong

Vegware newsletter eco packagingHello there,

Much newness! New school year, new schools case study & film, newly launched Vegware Hong Kong… and scroll to the end for our NEW products!

1. New Eco school case study and film

From spending £11,000 a year sending waste to landfill, this Truro Eco School now saves £9,400. They switched to our compostable packaging, and installed a biodigester. Used Vegware and food waste turns into fuel for their biomass boiler, heating the school and its water. 20 bin bags a day? Now it’s down to just 3, and there’s no more litter or seagull problems.

Read their case study – free on our downloads page. What’s more, the students even made a film called ‘5 steps to a sustainable school’. It’s on our homepage mini-cinema on, as well as on


2. Christmas custom print deadlines

Planning your own festive custom-printed cups & napkins? Thought so. For delivery w/c 10th Nov 2014, artwork needs to be agreed & signed off by…

  • 5th Sept for napkins
  • 10th Oct for double wall cups

SNOW time like the present…get it?! Snow! Contact our elves on

3. Meet Vegware Hong Kong!

It’s official – we’re now launched in Hong Kong. Please help us spread the word! Here’s a pic on twitter of Ceicy and her team in action at NOPAexpo this week, and head to Facebook to ogle foodie treats from @VegwareHK’s first customers. Check out, complete with its own short film – with Chinese text and everything.

And on a globe-trotting theme, check out our Sophie’s photos from her 6 months in Dubai working with our UAE partners, Horeca. Camels, tall buildings, and more scrummy-looking food.

4. Awards? We’re ‘Solution of the Year’

Before you ask, yes we have won some more awards since the last newsletter. 2degrees network named us Solution of the Year – here’s the silly video we made. We are absolutely delighted, as 2degrees holds a lot of sway with sustainability professionals and we were up against some really impressive entries.

We have also been shortlisted for the Finance for the Future Awards, after an in-depth grilling on all aspects of our business by a group of ICAEW accountants. Phew! And hooray!

5. Drumroll…NEW PRODUCTS!

Everyone uses these – now there’s a compostable version! Made from cornstarch PLA, which has 51% less embodied carbon than PE plastic. Perfect for hygienic food prep, and after use they can go for food waste recycling. Choose from small, medium or large.

Yup, here’s our new 7mm smoothie straws with a funky green printed wrap. The straw has a green stripe. Go-faster stripes even? Anyway, cornstarch PLA has 62% less embodied carbon than PS plastic.

  • COMING SOON – embossing on 6, 7, 9in plates

To save on ink, our 6in signature plate will soon be embossed, not printed. And to make the range nice and stylish, you’ll soon notice the same embossing on our 7in and 9in plates too. So there’ll be our logo and leaves in the middle of the plate and the text ‘completely compostable’ near the rim.

  • COMING SOON – world’s only compostable 4oz lid!

Yep, we’re making the only compostable 62mm lid to fit 4oz hot cups. As well as espressos, it’s also ideal to transform our 4oz cup into a pot for mushy peas or hot dipping sauces. Chocolate and churros anyone?

That’s all for now!

As always, say hello to @vegware on on twitter or look at the pretty pictures on facebook. Or if you actually want to talk about compostable packaging, we like that too. We’re on or ring 0330 223 0400.

Lucy and the Vegware team

Lucy Frankel Communications Director Vegware Ltd 0330 223 0400 Canalside House, 43-45 Polwarth Crescent, Edinburgh EH11 1HS, UK. Vegware is the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally.

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