Community Fund – Rhubarb Farm – August Update

P8080004_thumbAugust has been a month of preparation for the Langwith Show which Rhubarb Farm and local residents organise on the first Saturday of September.
We check our gazebo collection, count tables and chairs, tidy up the site, put out banners and posters, and put details about the Show on our website and Facebook pages.

About 50 volunteers come per week. There are constantly new people, and we are noticing an increase in the number of drug and alcohol misusers. Several people who did our 2-day taster course in June are now regular volunteers and making great progress with their confidence, abilities and motivation to take further training.

Visit by High Sheriff of Derbs 5th August 2014 (3)We had a surprise one day when the High Sheriff of Derbyshire paid a visit while walking the boundaries of Derbyshire to raise money for organisations he supports. Rhubarb Farm sits right along the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. He and his team were very impressed with our work.




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