Community Fund – Royal Edinburgh Gardens – October Update

7199f790-179d-4da3-80c6-aacd6828fe49With the vacation date of the Myreside site being the end of October it has allowed for a full season of growing and with the help of John and a team of very committed volunteers then a great year of growing has been possible.

The North Garden had its final, but possibly one of the best years of produce yet. Peas, beans, kales, more than you could shake a stick at. Spring greens, potatoes (firsts, seconds and late crop), onions from seed and set, garlic, carrots, beetroots, courgettes, squash, parsnips and the most amazing crop of sweetcorn! The usual leafly greens were grown in the South Garden along with a great crop of rhubarb, soft fruit (Tay, Logan and blackberries), flowers and herbs.

From September however the focus turned from growing to de-rigging the Myreside site. With the help of our good friends Rob Davidson, Rachel Helms and our fantastic team of dedicated volunteers this has been going well. Everything which is worth saving will be! We have plans for the old wood from beds, fruiting bushes, even the old woodchip off the paths.

Working with the Cyrenians farm, together we have been able to supply Edinburgh Larder Bistro and Café as well as Dig-In Bruntsfield with a lovely range of produce throughout the summer and, when possible, have a stall at the Morningside monthly market too.

2c996b02-33b5-4892-952a-8303e141953cJune brought the arrival of our portacabin to the ‘Growing Space’ which has become our new home. We were delighted to be able to start preparing beds for the winter vegetables. The dry summer provided beautiful weather however with it, very dry ground, so much hard digging and sieving of soil. Thanks to Martyn and his contacts, we were donated an old but very reliable rotavator which made things slightly easier but still it’s been very hard graft! The good news is though, nine beds have been beautifully created with a path through the middle and are all planted with crops for winter and spring. Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible!

The hard graft has been broken up with celebrations, John and Eddie’s 60’s were a great way to celebrate our first working days at the new site and reason for our first Wednesday Woks to commence. It can’t be all work and no play!

Through the summer we have had to say good bye to some of our wonderful volunteers who have moved away or are unable to make the journey with us to the Growing Space. With this, it brings sadness and we would like to say a huge thank you to you for all your help and commitment over the years.

We are truly grateful to everyone who is making the journey to the Growing Space possible and enjoying the new challenges it brings. Many volunteers who helped start the Myreside site are firmly at our side as we start our new chapter and we welcome with open arms new helpers who are keen to make a difference too.

To all of you, we would like to say a huge, huge THANK YOU! Because without you, none of what we have achieved, or have planned for the future, would be possible. And with your energy, skills and enthusiasm you really make this happen and we look forward continuing our journey with you!

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