Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – October Update

UntitledRemember Remember the 5th of November!  Our desire to celebrate the historic activities of Guy Fawkes with fireworks and the ever increasing noise they produce also has a need to be concerned to the welfare of our pets and animals. So Remember Remember our animals on the 5th of November! Make sure they are safe by keeping them indoors or stables.

The gathering of leaves has continued throughout the month and the colours have been really beautiful this year.  The recent high temperatures for this time of year have allowed students the opportunity to enjoy this outdoor activity while socialising within the Gardening Club.

UntitledsNear loss of our Roger!  Our young male rabbit Roger was mauled by one of the dominant male rabbits resulting in horrible life threatening injuries. The vet could not stitch the wounds as the tissue damage was so great and we had to consider the possibilities of losing him to shock or infection!

However I am pleased to say that with daily medication, wound washing and careful management Roger is now out of danger . The pictures may be disturbing but show the extent of the original damage and the improvements Roger has made over the month.

Farm Club students learned a great deal about animal welfare whilst caring for Roger during his ordeal. Rogers mother Masey was also a little bit of a concern to us as she gave birth to three babies.

Several local school visits to the farm have taken place during the month.

The nursery school were involved last year in the planting of native trees within our school grounds with promising results.  This year we will be extending the plantation with a variety of fruit trees.

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