Community Fund – Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA) – October Update

250409_815630038493058_6564602442398654468_nAfter the last UNA volunteers of the summer had a busy two weeks putting it together, the new store shed in the field is already being put to good use. Made predominantly of recycled materials sourced locally, the shed is providing much needed storage of tools to save constant ferrying back and forth, and is currently providing dry housing for our most recent crop of onions.

Fortunate, as after an incredibly dry summer the heavens have finally opened above Pembrokeshire, and the sun has been replaced by wind, thunder and heavy showers.

Help is at hand though, as this month we welcomed our newest woofer, Alexander, who has come to COCA from France and will be staying until December. We also had our monthly work day on the last Saturday in October, where willing members came out to help prepare the field and the polytunnels for the winter months ahead. As an added bonus, one of our members Rupert set up a cob oven on the farm, and baked fresh sourdough for all the volunteers, whilst another member Nathan ran a spoon carving workshop.

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