Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – February Update

The high winds and rain and that hampers the gardening work somewhat have given way to a period of calm bringing the overnight frosts perfect for killing off the unwanted bugs. As the frost comes out of the ground the surface becomes somewhat chucksticky – but it’s better than being waterlogged.

The green shoots – of the daffodil are now visible around the school grounds and with those added last autumn we should have a good display to look forward to.

Landscape work – to the front of school has seen the installation of artificial grass in front of the sixth from new building. The land was in a very poor state with little chance of any quality growth of a natural lawn. Students are able to use this area once again as a pleasant social area.

Before …                                                   After …

 before                after

experimentControlled Experiment – work supporting a student’s needs while growing radish seeds is currently underway in the greenhouse. The student will be recording the results of growth rates, crop yield and any abnormal reaction while providing different nutrients over a set period of time.

French Lessons – Currently being prepared is a six /eight week activity of learning French for our students in year 8 while using the outdoor class room of the farm and gardens culminating in both a visit to a local business that grows salad crop and a meal prepared by using some of the produce grown.

Incubating Eggs – Several of the mature cock birds from last years hatchings have now been moved from the farm and a more selective breading activity from those remaining has begun. Although very early in the season we have placed eggs into the incubator to kick start the program – we don’t expect great results from this first batch of eggs.

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