Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – March Update

The school farm is currently being used by yr8 students studying French partially in the classroom then putting into practice within the farm and greenhouse areas. However we ask the students to be prepared for the wet conditions and the return of snow showers – “Tu as les bottes” well it is still only early March after all.

The winter months are slowly giving way to allow the planting of a whole variety of vegetables and salad crops alas still under glass that include Pea, Beans, Lettuce, Tomato and a variety of flowers. The cloning of plants by stem cuttings has been carried out during this activity and also during a recent science lesson as well. Our school garden areas filled with Geraniums like the pink parent plant below will look good – Let’s hope the cuttings take and produce healthy cloned pants.

Our regular student visitors to the Farm have been able to watch the progress and hatching of several new birds “Bantam Silkies” from the early season setting of fertile eggs. We hope to be able to transmit the next incubation / hatch live around the school towards the end of March with the setting of the seven duck eggs pictured below.

Extended School Activity – Working within and supporting our local community is an important factor and the provision of Allotments and Farm activity for members of the local TRA provides a really good and healthy activity for those who wish to get involved.

Along with regular local school visits to the farm the pre-school are being encouraged into the allotments with our regular allotment visitor Graham Walker who is preparing several special raised beds. The schools gardening club are able to support this activity with the donation of plants and seeds.

“It’s Up to You” – The recent funding activity for the Howden Clough area “It’s Up to You” is being embraced by the School as a great opportunity for the community to take on board an individual or group application for up to £500 to help improve the area or an individuals needs. Posters and application forms are being prepared with a closing date of 3rd April and awards being made on the 23rd April.

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