Community Fund – Clipperton Project – March Update

2015-03-14 23.31.36The Clipperton Project very happy to be was supported by the Vegware community fund over the month of march, contributing to activities in both Glasgow and Mexico.

 In Glasgow, the Clipperton Project ran workshops at community events. A creative mapping workshop in the new garden at Possilpark health center, encouraged visitors, children and adults, to draw, paint and write unique and personal things about their community and to identify the wildlife they see on their doorstep. We also used some found materials to print and create artworks on recycled map paper.

 In Mexico, Vegware community fund supported volunteer, Molly Allam Keep. Here is her report:

 While I’ve been with TCP in Campeche I’ve done a lot of varied work, including workshops with students, expedition logistics as well as participating in expeditions, learning about funding applications in the office and taking part in community outreach visits. Through being here I’ve also massively improved my spanish as I’ve had to go out and use it to communicate with so many different people. The experience has been a huge learning curve and I’ve developed a lot of skills and gained practical experience. 

I translated it into scottish just in case you don’t understand.

While i’ve bin wi’ tcp in campeche i’ve dain a lot ay varied wark, includin’ workshaps wi’ students, expedition logistics an aw as participatin’ in expeditions, learnin’ abit fundin’ applications in th’ office an’ takin’ part in community ootreach visits. ben bein’ haur i’ve also massively improved mah spanish as i’ve hud tae gang it an’ use it tae communicate wi’ sae mony different fowk. Ah loove tcp an’ a’ fowk fa works thaur especially uir celebrated finance manager.

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