Community Fund – Batley Girls’ High School – April Update

alottmentThe land has quickly dried out on the farm and around the new raised bed areas and with the poly tunnel no longer underwater it has allowed peas and beans to be planted along with radish and onions. The rhubarb crowns are sprouting having been split when relocated to the farm from the now redundant allotment areas. Potatoes, onion, peas and strawberries have also been planted in the raised bed area.

The working relationship is ever improving with our TRA members and is paying dividends in many ways. The local pre school are regular visitors to both the farm and the community allotment area.

The extended school activity “It’s up to You” was hosted by the school for the Howden Clough community on Thursday 23rd April. With so many visitors from both the school and the community enjoying the early summer sunshine it has been considered a great success all round. The event was designed around the need to vote in support of providing funding towards several community projects – Results and further details will be in next months news!

The “Herb Garden” revamped last year has now been made available again following extensive roofing work with scaffolding preventing access since last July. A quick clear up and things will be back to normal and planted up with various herbs and vegetables again.

The farm eggs are currently at a premium at the moment for one of natures many reasons. The birds are well fed and cared for but seam to be in a seasonal moult and are not laying to their best.

The incubating of eggs and the ultimate hatch is still attractive to students and the results so far this season have been promising.

Several plots within the Maths learning garden planted out with the Poppy plants are now growing well and we should be able to look forward to a good display.

The Piroska Red and Sturton onions have been set planted in the greenhouse for later planting out along with the Marfona, Charlotte potatoes that are chitting at the moment.

The disassembly of the Farm Shop, Aviary and Fruit Tree support arch was carried out during the Easter break and will be rebuilt on the farm in the near future. We hope that this work will be complete during the next month.

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