Community Fund – Clipperton Project – April Update


This month, volunteers helped with our workshops at Bowling Basin.

We held six different workshops for children with artists local to Bowling and Glasgow with an interest in the environment and learning.

We also held an event on Saturday the 18th. Volunteers assisted at workshops. Volunteers also acted as event assistants. And helped with promotion and spreading the word. A group of volunteers also helped to set up a scavenger hunt as part of the event, however they didn’t come along on the day and the outcome wasn’t fully reached. We hope to work on this in future. Volunteers also helped produce cakes for the cafe which were a big success. I’ve attached photographs with children in them which we have permission from parents for.

Thank you for sending us vegware materials to use. I’ve attached some photographs of them. People were really interested in them and we were able to minimise our waste massively. We took our compost to The Concrete Garden in Possilpark.



In late March and early April we collaborated with artisans in Puchnachen who weave hammocks, rugs and fabrics from plant fibres. We worked with them to help increase traffic to their artisan workshop and looked to find solutions to increasing visits to their centre and the sale of their goods. We will continue working with this group and the local Mayan community over the next few months to find sustainably solutions for the work they do.

 Day of the Child

In April in collaboration with CONANP (National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) we delivered 2 events for Day of the Child in Campeche and Puchnachen. We also recruited 6 new young people as volunteers from the local school who are keen to be involved in our outreach programmes. The workshops included children using a fishing boat as a way of imagining who we can care for our rivers and seas and map making on how the local environment could be improved.

 Ladies Compost group

Volunteers have been designed new packaging for their group.

 Lerma Artisan Group

We have been working with this group of women to diversify the crafts they make and move away from using the shells of endangered species (Queen Conch). In April we ran a print making workshop with them so that they can make and print bags to use instead of plastic bags.


We also visited with fishermen the biosphere reserve of the Petenes who have been affected by unexpected drought that have affected the mangroves in the area. We will be working with in the future to reseed the local salt lake with mangrove so that the ecosystem is renewed.

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