Community Fund – Greener Leith – April Update


In the past few weeks Greener Leith has joined a new forum, the Clean, Green Leith Action Group, launched by Leith’s neighbourhood partnership.   With the help of lots of local volunteers we will carry out a comprehensive survey of all the ‘urban’ green spaces in the area to see where improvements are most needed.  The survey should give an insight in what is growing – or not as the case might be – in Leith’s planters, little parcels of grass, shrubberies, edges, verges, spare plots and bare bits of land.  While carrying out the work we will also survey the trees and report broken street furniture.  The eventual aim is to make lasting improvements to these spaces, improving biodiversity, amenity and making Leith a better place to live as well as reducing costs of maintenance.

If you are wondering why Leith’s parks are not included in the survey, it was decided that it was time to improve the street scape as the parks have recently been given a lot of attention by the Council.  They have mended paths, planted dozens of trees, upgraded play parks and installed countless bins and benches.  Furthermore, most of the parks now benefit from having friends’ groups, whose volunteers take an active part in looking after which has brought some great results.  The survey could take well over a year and we’ll keep you posted.

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