Community Fund – Bately Girls High School – May Update

The extended school activity “It’s up to You” was hosted by the school for the Howden Clough community and yr8 student Drew Lewis who attends the farm club on a regular basis has been able to purchase some animal runs that will enhance the community farm visit to the school for the local community visitors and school students.

Quail from the local Batley Boy Business & Enterprise Centre have been exchanged for some of our own ducklings and will be housed in the animal runs until the Aviary at the farm is complete.

The season of egg incubation is well underway and the above indicates the rate of growth rate that is obvious within a month. The plan to establish true bread Aylesbury ducks at the farm is working as the seven pictured on the right above will become our breading stock.

Several natural nesting sites have been used by some paired birds. Mallard are nesting in an area left Nettled and overgrown to help provide their natural habitat. We have been able to rescue and incubate to hatch three chicks from an earlier failed nest.

Students studying French have been able to observe and grow a variety of crops from seed to harvesting. Again the speed in which the crop has grown especially the peas and Rhubarb inside the Poly tunnel has been quite a surprise

Untitled5The local Ponderosa Therapeutic Centre for adults was a great way for our students to learn new skills and to work along side adults who are in need of support in their daily lives.

Doing craft work and helping to support adults with learning difficulties or handling a Rainbow Boa Constrictor or handling a Giant Tortoise doesn’t normally form part of a French Lesson!

But it’s a lesson they won’t forget I’m sure.

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