Community Fund – Fundación Fauna de la Amazonia – May Update

Well, here is the latest news from the Colonia 24 de mayo, Canton Mera, Pastaza, Ecuador…………. and there have been some mixed happenings………………….!

When Pete returned recently from further ventures in the USA, he brought with him an Unpersonned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and he has filmed some amazing footage, from above, of the area around, and including, the Fundación’s land. Here is a link to his first film which shows the location of the ‘finca’ (farm or land property in Spanish)……………………….. . This is what we are involved in trying to save and protect! If you copy and paste the link into your browser it should take you straight to the jungle!

However, and regrettably, we have been having some issues regarding saving and protection with one of our neighbours who has been discovered cutting trees and removing trees in order to sell them on the edge of the Fundación’s land, as well as on Laurence’s, and on land under purchase negotiations with Laurence. He continued cutting even after specific and clear requests to desist. So, we felt we had no option but to make a formal complaint to both the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of the Environment. He has cut down 17 of the Fundación’s trees, and approximately 70 on Laurence’s land . Both the police and the Ministry officials have investigated and we await developments! This is the very same person we bought the land off, and he is well aware that our purpose is to conserve, as best possible the land, and its trees and wildlife. We have all had to give statements to both agencies, and it is sad that we have had to use the legal system to continue to protect the land. We shall see how this works out………………

On a more positive note, there has been seen recently on, and very near, the land (in addition to some of the more commonly seen birds!): a Black Hawk Eagle, a Barred Forest Falcon, a Black-mandibled Toucan, a Golden Tanager, an Orange-bellied Euphonia (type of finch), a representative of the Antpitta family (as-yet-unidentified), as well as a Lineated Woodpecker, an Ecuadorian Pied-tailed Hummingbird, and a Glitter-throated Hummingbird.

Also seen were: an Olive Tree Runner (lizard), a Rough-skinned Tree Frog, a Coral Pipe Snake, several Equis (snakes), a Guatusa, a Scorpion (not seen that often!), a Mottled Clown Frog, a Velvet Worm (Peripatus), and various Saddleback Tamarins (small monkeys).

Various general maintenance activities have continued on the land, including keeping some of the areas around future buildings clear (as well as around the clinic), checking the water supply, and keeping the paths clear.

Pete and Glen are preparing to install the windows and doors in the quarantine/clinic over the next wee while – making them from scratch – and ensuring they prevent mosquitoes from entering, as well as the potential entry and exit of other animals. After that we will be able to use that as our living accommodation and base on the land until we have the resources to build further. Good one! They are also planning to improve the walkway to the clinic which has become very slippery.

Lots happening………………….!

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