Having a summer event?

As summer unfolds and people take to the outdoors to enjoy the weather, the opportunities for outdoor catering increase exponentially. With warewashing usually unavailable in pop-up outdoor venues across the country, single use disposable packaging is often the most viable option for traders.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Vegware provides packaging made from plants that is designed to be recycled with food waste, simplifying waste management for all parties. However, you may not know just how many great products we have for barbecue season. Our wine goblets, rectangular plates and wide bowls are all great value gems that can help events of all sizes go swimmingly:

Wine goblets:

A Vegware first, these compostable goblets come in two parts. Clip them together, pop the cork and let the good times roll! Great for summery puds and fruit salads as well as wine.

Rectangular bagasse plates:

Made from recycled sugar cane fibre (see our infographic), these plates are ideal for platter style sharing of sticky barbecue treats or party fare.

Wide bagasse bowls:

Suitable for any picnic food, and great for buffets, these slightly wider bowls are great for grab and go style feasts!

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