New and improved sandwich platter range!

Being based in Scotland, we’ve not been outside a lot this summer. Handily, this means we’ve had plenty of time to work on perfecting our sandwich platter range. The fruits of this labour are our new and improved products!

These lines will be available to order from the 10th of August and samples are available now. Read on below for details of their exclusive features!

What’s new?

The platter boxes are now laminated on the inside. The benefits of lamination are:

· Boxes are sealed from all angles, maintaining freshness.

· Platter boxes have a compostable PLA window and a shiny, tidy appearance .

· There is a simple message printed on the outside of the box, highlighting that the box is compostable.

· Lots of room for stickers and other branding.

Additional Information …

· Clients can purchase Vegware inserts to divide the drawers that come with the platter combo (half insert, quarter insert or eighth insert).

· The half inserts are the drawers for VWPLATS that come in the combo. This means the quarter and eighth inserts can be used for dividing the half inserts.

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