Compostable cutlery kits – now with 100% recycled cutlery!

Meet our new and improved compostable cutlery kits – containing a knife, fork, spoon and napkin, they’re the perfect portable meal kit.

  • All of the cutlery is now 100% recycled, made from RCPLA, a plant material with 90% less embodied carbon than plastic. It’s still certified compostable too. We took 2 years of R&D to create this cutlery and we’re very proud of it!
  • Even better, the wrapping is made from compostable Mater-Bi film, the same material as our bin liners – perfect for recycling with food waste!
  • Finally, our napkins are made from sustainably sourced fibre with high recycled content, and bleached using an eco chlorine-free process.
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